SKU: gym-mats-3/4-inch-x-2×2-red/blue
Size: 2‘ х 2‘
Thickness: 3/4“
Color: Red/Blue


  • Выбирайте коврики высшего качества, прочные и долговечные.
  • Выбирайте яркие и привлекательные цвета.
  • Испытайте устойчивую к истиранию текстуру, которая выдерживает износ спортивной обуви.
  • Воспользуйтесь преимуществами водонепроницаемой и грязеотталкивающей конструкции.
  • Добейтесь аккуратных краев, используя прилагаемые бордюрные полоски.
  • Укладывайте плитку без особых усилий благодаря сцепленным зубцам, которые плотно прилегают за считанные минуты.
  • Легко чистите, транспортируйте и устанавливайте эту плитку.
  • Простота очистки и установки.

With a thickness of 20 mm, these mats offer the necessary shock absorption for practicing karate and taekwondo at home. The thatch texture on the upper surface ensures some grip and resists scuffing. Suitable for use with wrestling shoes, tennis shoes, boxing shoes, or even bare feet, these tiles present a versatile option.

Enhance the safety of your child’s playroom with these interlocking foam play mats. The resilient EVA foam, softer than rubber, provides a comfortable cushion on hard floors, making the space more conducive to crawling and sitting. Additionally, the cushioning helps absorb shock in case of falls or tumbles.

These dual-sided play foam mats, with vibrant colors, allow you to customize your kids’ playroom, creating engaging patterns by alternating the tiles. Elevate your home exercise room with these large, stylish mats that offer cushioning for exercises like jumping jacks and lunges, promoting joint comfort.

Ideal for home martial arts practice, these 20 mm thick foam squares provide the necessary shock absorption for karate and taekwondo. The textured top surface offers traction and resists scuffs, accommodating various footwear choices.

Installation is quick and easy with the puzzle-style mat edges, ensuring a secure hold without the need for adhesive. The mats, designed for a dry lay installation, include border pieces for a polished finish. Conveniently sized at 2×2 feet, they cover large areas but remain easy to transport and store.

Please note that color variations may occur, and high heels or sharp objects could puncture the top. While furniture may indent the tiles, it typically doesn’t affect the floor’s use. To prevent shifting, avoid installing them on carpeting.

Not recommended for outdoor use due to potential expansion when exposed to sunlight and heat.


Can foam mats get wet?
These mats are water-resistant and won’t absorb moisture. Wipe clean with a towel to prevent water spots.
How to clean foam play mats?
Mop with a standard household cleaner without bleach, or use basic soap and water. Avoid steam cleaning, as it may cause expansion.
Damp mop with common household floor cleaners, avoiding bleach. Test your vacuum before use.

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