Jackets for SAMBO. Model «Attack»


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Blue jacket for Sambo, model “Attack” This is a high-quality Sambo jacket, approved by the all-Russian Sambo Federation for training and competition at all levels. Model “Attack” fully complies with international requirements of Sambo uniform. The jacket is made of durable natural cotton, has a corrugated structure, the inside is decorated with soft white cotton. All seams are reinforced and can withstand extertion. Sewn on contemporary patterns this Sambo jacket securely fixed on the body of the athlete, providing at the same time the comfort and mobility. The jacket is easy to keep clean with a washing machine. As a direct manufacturer, we offer the lowest prices and favorable terms of cooperation.

– Made in Russia

– 100% cotton

– Fabric density: 580 g/m2

– Colors: red and blue

– Hypoallergenic

– Extremely durable

– Heavy cotton

– Tensile strength

– Not hinder a “restrict”

Sambo jackets

For Sambo training is required a special equipment. One of its main elements is the jacket or as it is called, Sambovka. On the surface it resembles a traditional kimono for judo: has a long sleeve, a fold and a wide belt, but its length is a little shorter. Outstanding feature of the Sambo jackets is the presence in the shoulder area of special lapels primely intended to apply holdings. According to the rules, the color of the Sambo jacket can only be red or blue.

Sambovki are made of natural high density cotton. This choice stemmed from ability of this material to absorb sweat and air, providing natural ventilation and ensuring comfortable microclimate. Sambo jacket should fit closely to the body and be securely fixed. At the same time, it should be relaxed fit enough not to hinder movements and not to create obstacles during the fight.

Our company offers a wide range of Sambo equipment, including jacket for this type of single combats which you may buy, having chosen from several models. All of them are made of durable cotton and have a soft coarse calico lining. External elements subjected to the greatest loads are reinforced without loss of working order. At the same time all sambo jackets are light and do not hinder movements. The products are distinguished by aesthetic appearance, reliability and durability, fully comply with international requirements for professional sports equipment, having a certificate of the All-Russian Sambo Federation.

For your convenience, Sambo jackets are collected in a separate section, each model has a photo and a detailed description, which makes it easy to choose. To place an order, simply add the item into the basket and fill out the form. After the order confirmation we will immediately proceed to its implementation and deliver the goods as soon as possible. If you have any questions, you can use the convenient feedback form on our website or call the phone number mentioned in the “Contacts”.

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