The shipment is performed by Russian Post. The delivery date depends on the Buyer’s country of residence. The cost of delivery is calculated on the basis of the order’s total weight, plus package weight. Small orders weighing 500 grams and more are packed into standard carton boxes. Russian Post is the leading postal company within the territory of the Russian Federation. Presently, Russian Post comprises 86 branches and about 42,000 objects of postal communications that…

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When defining its fundamental principles of activity, our company focuses on providing the most favorable and comfortable services for its customers, as well as creation of the most advantageous and safe terms of cooperation. We are proud to declare that over the past 20 years of our work dozens of firms, schools ad sambo clubs have become our regular customers. Thanks to our straight dealing, open transaction procedures and mutual respect, we can create trust-based relations with our clients. As of today, “Krepysh Ya” company is one of the leading sports outfit centers both in Russia and abroad. The quality of our work is recognized by thousands of clients worldwide: both beginners and outstanding sportsmen use our products. Our mission is the development of the world’s sambo movement and the establishment of the most affordable and comfortable conditions to provide sportsmen of all levels with high-quality sports outfit. We are ready to offer you products of the highest quality guaranteed by an experienced manufacturer – “Krepysh Ya” company, combined with the most favorable terms of cooperation.

We are looking forward to cooperation with clubs, schools, sports federations and other parties involved! Enjoy the advantages of working with us!

Terms of Cooperation Minimum amount of a single bulk purchase is 400 EUR or 500 USD

For your convenience, we have developed a bulk purchase request form. It is available for download here. RU EN It is strongly recommended that you use our Customer Application Form for placing a bulk order. Filling out this Application Form will help you facilitate the process of order placement.

For wholesale orders download Wholesale Price List

If the volume of your order exceeds 50 kits and involves special requirements (e.g. applying a logo, special colours, etc.), please make sure to place this order at least 2 months prior to the estimated date of delivery. In case you have an urgent order and can’t wait for 2 months — we will always try to meet your needs. Urgent order delivery terms are subject to additional discussion. Delivery dates may vary depending on the total weight of the goods and the recipient country. The shipment is carried out by TNT transportation company and by Russian Post. If the volume of your order does not exceed 30 kits, and the delivery date is not limited, the shipment can be performed in small lots, that is by shipping goods by Russian Post in several parcels. The service of applying a logo to an item is available for large orders the volume of which is over 50 kits.

Requirements to the sambo uniform

The athletes use different kinds of kimonos and comfortable shoes for the trainings, but to take part in the competitions or exhibitions it is necessary to have the special uniform, which should satisfy certain requirements. A certain type of clothing is characterized not only by the desire to distinguish one type of martial arts from another, but also by the peculiarities of sambo. The jacket (“sambovka”) has its special texture and style. As a rule, it is made of special cotton texture. The strong seams and protruding strips (“wings”) should be on the shoulders.
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My package was succefully delivered
Dear Mikhail,
My package was succefully delivered without any damage.Thank you.

Kind Regards
Thank you for your help ans assistance.
Kind Regards

Lee Cottom

It has arrived and i am loving the quality.
Hi Mikhail,

thank you with all your help on the order, it has arrived and i am loving…

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