SKU: home-bjj-mats-1-1/2-inch-x-2×2-black/gray
Size: 2‘ х 2‘
Thickness: 1-1/2“
Color: Black/Gray


  • Supports grappling with 1.5” thick, cushioned mats
  • Provides a firm surface for stand-up martial arts
  • Guards against falls with a no-burn tatami surface
  • Long-lasting double-sided and double-color mats
  • Easy-to-clean with waterproof protection
  • Fast installation with a puzzle-style edge
  • Includes 2 border strips to finish the layout
  • Convenient 2-by-2-ft size for easy handling and storage

When looking to create a secure workout space for athletes practicing BJJ, these puzzle mats are the optimal choice. With a thickness of 1.5 inches, these BJJ puzzle mats offer substantial cushioning, enabling athletes to engage in longer workouts while reducing the risk of stress-related injuries. Representing one of the top-tier options for thick BJJ mats, they provide enduring performance on a surface that strikes a balance, avoiding excessive slipperiness or stickiness. This makes them closely resemble the professional settings found in training facilities. Designed for home use, these BJJ mats are reversible, featuring different colors on each side, effectively doubling their lifespan compared to typical one-sided martial arts mats. The mats boast a no-skin-burn surface, making them well-suited for MMA, BJJ, and Grappling.

High-Quality BJJ Mats for Professionals
When aiming to establish a top-tier BJJ training space that prioritizes athlete safety, Greatmats’ puzzle mats for BJJ stand out as the ideal choice.

These 1.5-inch-thick puzzle mats provide athletes with excellent cushioning, allowing for extended workout sessions with reduced risks of stress-related injuries. We strongly advise against using mats thinner than 1.5 inches.

Representing one of the finest options for thick BJJ mats, this product ensures long-lasting performance on a surface that strikes the right balance, avoiding excessive slipperiness or stickiness. It closely emulates the environment found in professional training settings.

Affordable Martial Arts Mats for Home Use
Despite delivering a professional-style BJJ mat, this product is reasonably priced and designed for homeowners seeking a workout space in their garage or basement gym.

Ideal for homes lacking dedicated practice areas, these portable interlocking tiles create a safe practice surface wherever needed. These BJJ mats are versatile, suitable for a kids’ playroom or indoor play area, providing safety and cushioning with their 1.5-inch puzzle design.

Versatile Martial Arts Matting
Balancing cushioning with a firm surface for optimal traction, these mats cater to various martial arts disciplines, including:

Jiu jitsu puzzle mats
MMA puzzle mats
Grappling puzzle mats
BJJ puzzle mats
Reversible and featuring different colors on each side, these jiu jitsu mats for home offer twice the lifespan compared to typical one-sided martial arts mats, enhancing their versatility.

No-Burn Tatami Surface
Prioritizing safety, each mat features a tatami texture, ensuring a no-skin-burn surface. This is especially beneficial during falls or ground-based practice, providing a surface that won’t cause skin burns.

The tatami surface doesn’t compromise the ease of cleaning these MMA mats for home use. The closed-cell foam in our tiles resists moisture and blood absorption, facilitating quick and efficient cleaning.

The product can be damp-mopped with common household floor cleaners, excluding bleach.

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