Sports flooring

Sports flooring

Practice on competition-quality MMA mats, providing cushioning for falls and firmness for swift movements. Ideal for MMA, BJJ, Grappling, and Judo, the 1.5-inch thick foam protects against injuries with a 4-foot fall height rating. Double-sided, reversible tiles offer color options like blue/red, gray/green, and gray/black, allowing designated spaces in the studio. Mix and match mats with the same puzzle edge design. Note: Color variations may occur within batches, especially with red and black mats. Acclimate tiles before installation, and thickness tolerance is within 2 mm of the standard baseline of 40 mm.
High-Quality MMA Mats for Professionals
Our tournament-grade MMA mats provide the ideal surface for both practice sessions and actual competitions, ensuring consistency in your training environment. These flooring systems, among the finest puzzle mats offered by Greatmats for dojos, are also exceptionally budget-friendly.

For training in dojos or martial arts studios, it’s crucial to have EVA foam that offers both cushioning to prevent injuries from falls and the firmness required for agile movements in various martial arts disciplines.

Featuring a 1.5-inch thick foam material with a fall height rating of 4 feet, these mats offer protection against potential head injuries during workouts.

Effortless Installation of Puzzle Mats
In addition to being cost-effective, our grappling mats for sale save you money on installation expenses.

No professional assistance is required for flooring layout, as the puzzle edges easily snap together without the need for glue. Measuring 40 by 40 inches, these MMA mats offer excellent coverage per square foot, and their larger size speeds up the installation process, allowing you to work during off-hours without disrupting the studio’s regular schedule.

Versatile Interlocking Tiles for Martial Arts Studios
When your studio demands flooring suitable for sparring, fighting workouts, and competitions, our versatile MMA and jiu-jitsu mats are the perfect solution.

Avoid thin mats lacking proper cushioning or a safe surface texture—trust our tatami surface mats to protect athletes from floor burns during ground work. These mats cater to various disciplines, including MMA, grappling, jiu-jitsu, BJJ, and judo.

Reversible Tiles With Dual Colors
Creating distinct workout areas in a large, open studio without physical barriers can be challenging. Our double-sided, reversible tiles with different colors on each side allow you to designate specific spaces based on color patterns.

With five total color options and matching puzzle edge designs, you can mix and match mats. Reversible color choices include blue and red, gray and green, and gray and black.

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