SKU: gym-mats-2-inch-5×10-ft.v4 18 oz-blue
Size: 5‘ x 10‘
Thickness: 2“
Installation: Velcro/Hook&Loop
Color: Blue


  • Exceptional manufacturing quality
  • Effortlessly link mats to expand coverage
  • Robustness achieved through double stitched seams
  • 18 oz. vinyl cover withstands rough handling
  • Weighs only 36 pounds per 50 square foot mat
  • Kid-safe with lead-free materials
  • Durable and cushioned foam core
  • Folds down for convenient storage or portability

Featuring a substantial 2-inch core, our mats provide ample cushioning to ensure athlete safety. The 18-oz. high-quality vinyl cover is resistant to tears and punctures, while double stitching along each seam enhances durability for repeated use. Equipped with 2-inch wide hook and loop connectors on all four sides, these mats offer flexibility to create a secure layout during workouts and can be quickly disconnected after use. Ideal for sports like Judo, MMA, Grappling, and more.

Establish a Secure Environment with Our Gym Mats
In situations where athletes may fall, having the right gym mats is crucial for creating a safe surface with adequate padding on hard floors. Whether practicing gymnastics, cheerleading, tumbling, wrestling, or martial arts at home or in a studio, our Velcro gym mats provide the necessary cushioning.

For those instances where a larger coverage area is required beyond the capacity of a single 5×10 gymnastics mat, our mats come equipped with wide Velcro-like hook and loop connectors on all four sides, facilitating the secure attachment of multiple gymnastics mats with a V4 design specifying connectors on every side.

School-Quality 2-Inch Gym Mats
Manufactured with meticulous attention to quality, our gym floor mats offer exceptional value for schools, studios, or residential users seeking budget-friendly cheer mats. Designed to withstand rough treatment in sports like judo, MMA, tumbling, and gymnastics, these mats utilize double stitching at all seams to prevent the vinyl from pulling apart under stress.

Each unit boasts a high-quality 18 oz. vinyl cover that resists punctures and tears, coupled with a 2-inch thick XDE foam that rebounds quickly, making it an ideal choice for school athletics.

Folding Gym Mats 5×10 for Convenient Storage
Offering a practical advantage over surplus wrestling mats, our foldable 5×10 wrestling mat products are lightweight and easily portable. With each 5×10 mat featuring five foldable sections connected by the vinyl cover, storage becomes effortless. Folding the sections on top of each other reduces the overall size to 5×2 feet.

Our Velcro wrestling mats can cover an extensive area when connected. Instructors conducting classes at a gymnastics or cheer studio often fold these mats to provide additional cushioning for landings.

Multiple Colors in Foam Mats
The resilient vinyl cover not only shields the foam core and maintains the mat’s shape but is also available in two vibrant colors: Black and Blue. Studios can strategically use each color to designate different training areas within a spacious gym.

Maintenance is straightforward—clean with hot water and a sponge, avoiding soaking in water. Shipped in bags via ground service to your door, with larger orders possibly shipping via freight delivery, our gym mats are versatile, durable, and provide a secure training space for athletes across various activities.

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