Size: 1 m x 1 m
Thickness: 20 mm
Color: Red/Blue


  • Anticipate top-tier martial arts tiles suitable for tournaments
  • Reversible design featuring distinct colors on each side
  • Withstands scuffs caused by boots and shoes
  • Secure interlocking for easy DIY installation
  • Facilitates swift movements with its firm surface
  • Cushioned design ensures athlete protection from falls
  • Waterproof EVA foam that is free of lead and latex
  • Possesses a Class 2 fire rating, safe for use around sprinklers

Taekwondo mats by Greatmats feature a cushioned core, providing protection to athletes during falls in workouts. The 20 mm (or approximately 3/4 inches) thickness of these Taekwondo floor mats ensures the impact force is dispersed after a fall. Additionally, our EVA foam Taekwondo puzzle mats boast a firm surface layer, preventing athletes from sinking into the mat during quick movements, making them the preferred choice for striking arts.

The durable design of the firm surface includes a tatami surface to prevent skin burns and a thatch texture that withstands wear from athletes wearing boots and shoes. With a density of 103 kgs/m3 and a Shore C hardness rating of 40 to 45, these mats offer lasting quality.

Versatile Exercise Mats for Dojo Use

Whether setting up a training space at an academy or home, these tiles are tournament-quality Taekwondo mats, allowing practitioners to train on the same materials used in competitions. Versatile in application, these mats are suitable for Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, MMA, and more. They also provide a safe surface for general fitness workouts, kickboxing, indoor playgrounds, or children’s playrooms.

Affordable Taekwondo Mats for a Good Value

With a low price per square foot, customers receive a cost-effective solution. Dojo owners and homeowners can save more by opting for a DIY installation using these interlocking mats. With dimensions of 40 by 40 inches and a tight-fitting puzzle-style edge, the installation process is quick and straightforward.

Multiple Color Options for Studio Organization

Create clearly marked spaces in the martial arts studio for specific workouts by utilizing the different colors on each side of the reversible mats. This allows for the organization of sparring rings, cooldown areas, and ground-based workouts in one open studio space. Color options include Black and red, Black and gray, and Blue and red.

Disclaimer and Maintenance

Avoid using heavy objects with narrow legs that support weight on these mats, as they may puncture or permanently indent them. Occasionally, coloring may transfer from the materials to feet and uniforms, with red and black tiles being more susceptible. Understand that color variation is common within the same manufacturing batch.

Maintenance is simple, as the product can be damp mopped with hot water. Vacuum compatibility should be tested before use. The product ships via freight delivery shrink-wrapped on pallets and is available for freight shipping only.

How to order?

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Refund Policy

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